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Welcome! To get started, find out more about our After School Program or get our Early Registration offer, let us know who you are and we will reach out to you shortly to answer all your questions and reserve space for your family in our program.

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Dear Parents and Guardians,


It’s the season for after school enrollment again!


Families are always looking for reasonably priced, highquality, enriching, safe and fun programs for their children that have sports, academics and other kinds of activities.


Coupled with the busy lifestyles for working moms and dads, the children in our society need structure, respect, discipline as well as positive role-models, morals and ethical principles to follow.

US Taekwondo Academy (USTA) teaches these things.  This minimizes the chance that children will learn immoral, unethical, and violent behaviors because of the lack of advice on moral values as well as unsupervised activities.

For these reasons, US Taekwondo Academy (USTA) offers:

  • Daily pick-up from area schools for after-school care

  • Instructor assistance to help improve grades, discipline and respect for others

  • Fully matted facility and a homework area

  • Structured programs including Taekwondo classes

  • World Taekwondo Certified Masters and Instructors

  • Guidance to build self-confidence, proper etiquette, teamwork and morals

  • Wi-Fi internet access and power for devices student can bring for homework and projects

  • To accommodate the schedule of working parents, we include in our enrollments:

    • Early pick-ups when schools have early dismissal, either scheduled or weather-related

    • Any time students go to school, we provide peace of mind that we will always pick up your child.

  • Adherence to Mandatory and Recommended pandemic health protocols, including:

    • Temperature checks upon entry

    • Frequent disinfection of all surfaces​

    • Appropriate social distancing

    • Masks by individual choice (unless government recommendations  make them recommended or mandatory)

Safety of your children is USTA’s paramount interest. While we are all hopeful that we will be able to return to “normal” operations in the fall, it is very likely that we will still be under some safety restrictions (such as social distancing and masking) due to the COVID-19 pandemic. USTA welcomes and will adhere to all governmental guidance recommended by them.

Here is a brief overview of our eligibility requirements, hours of operation, and fee schedule.

Eligibility Requirements


  • Children must be at least 5 years old by first day of school.

  • Children must be toilet trained. Your child must be able to be self-directed and self-sufficient in the restroom and be able to care for their own hygiene needs.

  • Every child must have the State mandated forms for Child Care completed and on file with us on their first day. We will provide the forms for submission upon request.

School Pickups

Your kids are picked up in our well-marked, safe vans at the end of the school day from the following schools:

Private Schools

  • Harford Day School

  • St. Margaret's School

  • The Highlands School

Public Elementary Schools​

  • Bel Air Elementary

  • Hickory Elementary School

  • Forest Hill Elementary

  • Forest Lakes Elementary

  • Fountain Green Elementary

  • Prospect Mill Elementary

  • Red Pump Elementary

Public Middle Schools

  • Bel Air Middle School

  • Patterson Mill Middle School

  • Southampton Middle School

Dates and Hours of Operation

After school program runs for 9 months (from Sept. 8 through June 10 (latest 6/17) and is open every day that the schools are open to students.

Hours of operation are from the end of the school day until the final pickup at 5:30pm.

USTA is closed on all national holidays including but limited to Memorial Day, Labor Day, Winter Break, Spring Break, Thanksgiving Break, etc.


Fee Schedule

The fees for our school year programs are established on a nine (9) month duration following the school year.

Tuition is charged at the start of each four-week period, and billed to the payment method on file in our student management platform. There are no reduction in fees for any days in which the child does not attend.


  • school’s scheduled early dismissal days.

  • school closing early due to inclement weather,

Tuition will not be charged on the week of winter break and will roll over to the following week.

Any Questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments.

We are looking forward to serving your family in this next school year.



CJ Chang,

Master Instructor

US Taekwondo Academy - Main Street division


Early Bird Special

Register by 10:00 PM on August 15

for only $75 and save up to $244:

✔️ Free uniform ($60 savings).                

✔️ 1/2 off registration fee ($75 savings)
✔️ One week free (up to $109 savings) 
✔️ Uninterrupted work days (priceless!)

Reserve Your Place Now!

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Early Bird Special

Register by 10:00 PM on July 31

for only $75 and save up to $244:

✔️ Free uniform ($60 savings).                

✔️ 1/2 off registration fee ($75 savings)
✔️ One week free (up to $109 savings) 
✔️ Uninterrupted work days (priceless!)

Reserve Your Place Now!

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