Taekwondo is a Character Development Program

Parents who enroll their children in Taekwondo understand it is a CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT program and not about kicking and punching. Taekwondo teaches life-lessons, such as respect, discipline, focus, courtesy, integrity and perseverance. It builds a child's confidence and self-worth. Students enrolled in our black belt curriculum learn goal-setting and goal attaining, in addition to reaping the physical fitness benefits.


Students bow to each other, masters, instructors, and parents.

Students learn to pass paddles, shields, objects with two hands and with a bow.

Students are taught to say "ma'am" and "sir".

Students are encouraged to move quickly and swiftly versus lazily and slowly. 


Students attend classes twice a week consistently for three years to attain a first-degree black belt.

Students are encouraged to practice their kicks, self-defense moves, forms, sparring when things get difficult.

A first-degree black belt takes about three years to attain - a child is taught to persevere and stick with the black belt curriculum to reach their personal goals.


Students sit in Taekwondo-style with their back straight and hands folded in their lap as they listen to instructions.

Students learn to stand in cha-ryut (attention) and look straight ahead. 

Students learn to pay attention to instructions to know what patterns, kick combinations, sparring techniques to do. 


Ki-hap (literally translated to power yell) is a loud, short yell required by all students when performing forms, kicks, sparring, board breaking. Shy students do not have the confidence to yell loudly. As students climb the belt ranks, students increase their confidence and their kihap grows stronger. 

Students learn to stand tall, shoulders back, head up, eyes straight ahead in attention position. This simple act of standing in attention teaches children to stand with strength.

As students go through our black belt curriculum, they learn various forms, learn more and more advanced kicks, break boards, participate in tournaments and learn to teach other students. All this increases a child's confidence and self-worth as they see themselves improve based on their own efforts. 


To receive a first-degree black belt, students are enrolled in our black belt curriculum which takes about three years. For a child, three years is a very long time! We teach goal setting by breaking the three year period into small, bite-sized pieces and provide short-term goals by way of colored belts. A student will attend classes, learn their material and if they're ready, test for their next rank. From years of experience, we've learned that two months is the ideal time between belts to encourage a child to continue working towards their ultimate goal of becoming a black belt without being discouraged or lose interest. 



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